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TransLumen Technologies


The TransLumen Technologies LLC story starts in 2000. The company has two major divisions.

The Fluid Stills Division is named after TransLumen’s core product for visual media, art and advertising that can be used in market channels such as:

  • Digital Billboards
  • Public, Commercial and Personal Art
  • Video Gaming
  • New Media

The MAVRIC Division delivers products and services for markets, such as:

  • Defence
  • Homeland Security
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Patents
  • Market Channels

Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change (STEGC) is an unobtrusive form of visual data delivery. This provides an image display that can allow display-to-display images without introducing distraction.  The transition images are displayed in sequence over a sufficiently long period of time, so that a human observer cannot perceive a change in display from one image to a succeeding different image, yet over time, the display transitions from the first image to the second image. Used in perceptual training STEGC can be used to both test and train observational skills. STEGC provides the following key benefits:

  • Provides an unobtrusive form of visual data delivery;
  • Produces dramatically changing graphic images;
  • Displays electronic images with little CPU overhead;
  • Improves the visualization of complex scenes;
  • Mitigates screen burn-in; and
  • Works with virtually all operating systems and graphic/video formats.

TransLumen decided to patent the technology (U.S. Patents #6,433,839 and #6,580,466) and identify the proper market channels and applications in which STEGC would be the foundation for visual display technology that could be adapted for use as software, firmware and content. The next step was determining how to approach the various market channels that STEGC solutions and products could be used in. Over time, that led to TransLumen being divided into two distinct operating units, the MAVRIC and Fluid Stills Divisions.
The MAVRIC Division is actually an acronym of the three primary products of the division:

  • The v-INDICATOR™
  • Perceptual Training
  • Signage

Those products can be used in the following market channels:

  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial & Commercial Facility Managemen

TransLumen creates proprietary and patented visual display technology based on company owned U.S. Patents #6,433,839 and #6,580,466.

TransLumen Technologies, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Chicago, IL and founded in 2000.




The Science


Core Technology Algorithms

Benefits include

  • Unobtrusive dynamic change
  • Temporal transition smoothing
  • Low bandwidth - low CPU drain
  • Unrestricted system platform
  • Scalable
  • Integrates with intelligent agents
  • More time to concentrate on critical tasks;
  • Balance the operator’s workload;
  • Reduce screen clutter and data transmission speeds
  • Improve the operator’s decision making
  • Enhancing the operator’s trust of the technology
  • Allow for ease in training across diversified workplace


TransLumen's patented imaging technology will facilitate visualization and performance capabilities in diverse digital environments. The technology is a user centric, scalable, cross-platform, collaborative trending and alerting tool for current and future computing environments. TransLumen’s technology takes a stream of high density/high bandwidth data and channels it into an easily comprehensible visualization of constantly evolving information; mitigating or eliminating the risk of critical data going unnoticed due to radical swings in volume. TransLumen’s technology can also be applied to graphic images used in perceptual training in temporal observation situations and in anomaly detection.


The TransLumen Technologies Organization



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TransLumen Technologies Milestones


2000 – 2001

  • TransLumen is founded and patents are filed.
  • Provides initial simulation on VCD for internal use to Kodak, Viacom, Disney and Panasonic.
  • Verifies competitive uniqueness via successful patent and technology.

2002 – 2003

  • Issued U.S. Patents #6,433,839 and #6,580,466 for graphic imaging algorithms.
  • Sony Galleries sponsors an exhibit featuring the first public implementation of TransLumen technology.
  • Participates in Boeing “think tank” to create future “autonomous systems” technologies.
  • Successfully completes collaborative 3-month test with NEC on plasma screen burn-in mitigation.
  • Presents simulation on Access Grid Facility for Office of Naval Research.
  • Presents simulation to Technology Research Education & Commercialization Center.
  • Collaborates with Boeing Integrated Defense and QinetiQ for Command/Control applications.

2004 – 2005

  • Received NASA Illinois Commercialization Center Award.
  • Participated in DARPA Cognitive Performance think tank for Augmented Cognition.
  • Developed the first functional peripheral awareness indicator integrating Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change.

2006 – Present

  • Received a State of Illinois’ inaugural Homeland Security –Innovation Product grant.
  • Developed an art DVD for the Chicago Field Museum deploying its Fluid Stills® technology.
  • Developed a Fluid Stills® product for the renovation and re-branding of Chicago’s Holiday Inn Express Hotel.
  • Completed a Fluid Stills® consumer art product launch featured on Amazon.com
  • Made presentations to and submitted “white papers” to Augmented Cognition International and the World Bank.
  • Received an Illinois Technology Development Alliance grant to advance use of the v-INDICATOR™ for universal mobile device use.
  • Received an Office of Naval research contract Broadcast Agency Announcement (BAA) for perceptual training.
  • Partnered with Lockheed Martin to conduct further development associated with the perceptual training BAA.
  • Launched UAV Fighter through Apple.
  • Year 2 BAA contract for perceptual training with collaboration with Lockheed Martin.
  • Launch of Long Glance Media with healing art for commercial sector.
Road to success

By March 2010 Apple App Store sold 500,000 copies of UAV Fighter game.


Senior Management Biographies

Doug Siefken - Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Doug Siefken is TransLumen’s founder and Chief Technology Officer. He invented TransLumen’s patented core technology and is globally regarded as a pioneer in the integration of new media into traditional technology applications. He has 35 years of experience in project management, conceptual design, system design, prototype development, system verification and validation, imaging, software development, and programming. Career highlights include:

Doug Siefken
  • Serving in Vietnam as an aerial/combat photographer;
  • Developing U.S. Navy photographic laboratory inventory control software applications;
  • Conducting high-altitude and non-visible spectrum remote imaging;
  • Developing optical flight guidance systems for smart munitions;
  • Serving as a Digital Imaging Consultant for Kodak and Adobe;
  • Playing a major role in the launch of Litton’s OC8820 CP/M based microcomputer;
  • Developing one of the first multi-media cross-platform digital portfolios; and
  • Founding Cyber City Tours, Inc. – a media publishing and content provider that developed and marketed CD-ROMs for Unicom and Cahners Publishing, among others.

Siefken has participated in think tank environments both for the Boeing Phantom Work’s Autonomous Systems Create Venture and DARPA’s “Cognitive Performance: Force Multiplication through Human-in-the-loop Augmentation”. He is also a noted subject matter expert and author and has authored and/or contributed to the following:

  • Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change Patents filed (2000)
  • Sony Gallery Chicago Imaging exhibit (2002)
  • Siefken, Douglas R. (2002). “Intelligent Advisor for Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interface (HCI) Design White Paper, 28 July 02,
  • Siefken, Douglas R. (2004) VTO proposal available at http://www.translumen.net
  • Siefken, Douglas R. (2003) “Methods for generating image set or series with imperceptibly different images, systems therefor and applications thereof,” US Patent # 6,580,466, filed July 15, 2002, granted June 17, 2003. US Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Siefken, Douglas R. (2003) “ Visual Cue Adaptive Display, Knowledge Superiority and Assurance (KSA) Future Naval Capabilities(FNC)”
  • Boeing Phantom Work’s Autonomous System Create Venture
  • DARPA’s “Cognitive Performance: Force Multiplication through Human-in-the-loop Augmentation.
  • UK conference committee for the Moving Autonomy Forward Conference, June 2006
  • "Subthreshold Presentation of Visual Information," Improving Pilot Performance Through Cognitive & Physiological Monitoring at Aerospace Medical Association 78th Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Paper collaboration with Dr. Richards of QinetiQ for AugCog International 2007 Augmented Symbology: A New Approach to Data Visualization

Doug Siefken is considered a pioneer in the convergence of technology and visual media and is a true new media guru.  He has spent the past 35 years of his career in various types of technology project management, conceptual design, system design, prototype development, and programming centralizing on the Human Machine Interface. 

In 2000, Siefken had the idea that would lead to TransLumen.  He developed an algorithm that became the basis of the company’s core technology - Subthreshold Extreme Gradual Change (STEGC). Doug Siefken has 35 years experience advancing next generation imaging and software development. Doug began his career as a combat/aerial photographer for the US Navy during the Vietnam War, managing naval photographic labs. He studied high speed and slow motion photography and cinematography establishing the roots of his imaging patents. Since the Navy, he has provided digital imaging consulting services for Kodak and Adobe, and helped launch a microcomputer for Litton. He developed one of the first multi-media cross-platform digital portfolios and as President of Cyber City Tours, was a cutting-edge media publishing and content provider for Unicom, Cahners Publishing and others.

Carol Sherman - President

She has more than 28 years of experience in restructuring and growing domestic and international companies. Her career highlights include:

  • Serving as the Chief Administrative Officer of Unicom Thermal Technologies, an unregulated subsidiary of Unicom Corporation. As Chief Administrative Officer of the largest subsidiary of Unicom Corporation, she was a member of the executive team that grew the company from start up to a fully operational company, where she was responsible for finance, accounting, risk management, management information systems and human resources;
  • Serving as the CFO of Profile Gear Corporation; a defense industry precision gear company, where she was responsible for financial and operational turnaround during the Desert Storm conflict; and
  • Serving as the Senior Financial Manager for Rank Video Services America (formerly Bell & Howell Columbia Paramount Video Services), the largest video duplicator of the mid 1980’s, where she designed the company’s financial and management reporting systems, product pricing and distribution system modernization.
  • She has commercialized new products and strategic areas for such companies as Bell & Howell Columbia Paramount Video Services, Abbott Laboratories, Montgomery Ward, and Westinghouse.

Ms. Sherman received a BS in Biological Sciences, a B.A. in Political Science and a MBA from Michigan State University. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Financial Executives International and the National Veterans Art Museum.

Craig Dean - Director of Research & Development

Mr. Dean has 15 years working in project management, commercialization, technology transfer, and documentation with the Battelle Memorial Institute (Battelle), Argonne National Laboratory and Southern Polytechnic State University, as well as ten years in the U.S. Army with Ground Surveillance Systems. While with Battelle, Mr. Dean assisted over 1,000 organizations with project management and technology transfer into the federal government. Of those organizations seeking technology insertion, 70 percent were from DoD agencies, and 48 percent were from the Navy. As a part of a contract with the Office of Naval Research (Contract Number: N00014-01-1-0175), he led an extensive market research project to identify current U.S. based companies, universities and non-profit organizations working in software development, autonomy and network-centric related fields of interest to the DoD. He also provided technology transfer seminars for two consecutive years at the Naval-Industry R&D conference.

Prior to Battelle, Mr. Dean assisted hundreds of visiting scientists in the conduct, documentation and material support of research at the Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Laboratory. He worked with corporations such as Dow and DuPont, as well as numerous universities in the performance, and testing of applied research. While managing the physics laboratory for Southern Polytechnic State University, Mr. Dean oversaw the logistical support, testing, safety, and results documentation of all experiments conducted by the laboratory. His military career included ten years in the U.S. Army with Ground Surveillance Systems. He worked primarily with the Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System (REMBASS), Ground Surveillance Radar, and development of related deployment tactics.

Sergey_Mavrody, MFA - Interactive Creative Director

Sergey_Mavrody is a Creative Director and Interactive Media expert. He holds dual Masters of Fine Arts degrees from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and from Moscow VGIK Film School. He worked in variety of roles such as:

  • Interactive Creative Director
  • Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute
  • Film Director, Producer and Production Designer
  • Principal User Interface Architect

His selected lectures, presentations and panels include

  • Speaker at the Chicago Usability Conference, McCormick Place, Chicago by Rockhurst College
  • Panel Speaker. Digital Photography Seminar. Columbia College, representing Kodak/CSI
  • Speaker. Multimedia presentation. Northwestern University, representing Adobe / Kodak
  • Speaker. Introduction to Human Computer Interation. Represented Apple Computer. Apple Market Center/CSI, Chicago
  • Speaker. Multimedia & Technology. Represented Apple Computer. Apple Market Center/CSI, Chicago
  • Speaker. "Desktop Video and Multimedia", Conference & Expo, Sheraton Hotel, Chicago
  • Chair Jury, Animation Category. The 30th Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago

He held positions at various Professional Organizations

  • Member of the Board of Directors. ASIFA Central - US Midwest Chapter. (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation, Annecy, France).
  • ACM. Association For Computer Machinery, Associate Membership
  • SIGGRAPH. Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics, Division of ACM, Affiliate Membership

Sergey's selected Awards include

  • The 1st Place, SIGGRAPH '92 computer animation competition ( S.P.A.C.E. show ). Chicago
  • Honorable Mention in animation. North Carolina International Festival, Fayetteville
  • Silver Seal Certificate. IAC International Festival, “Bridge” music video. London
  • Collaborative winner, Entertainment Division. Academy of TV Art < Sciences - Frank O’Connor Memorial (College Emmy Award). Los-Angeles
Pierre Maloka - Director of Software Development

Pierre Maloka has more than 20 years of experience in software development. His experience includes serving as:

  • Interim Director of Technology for Wizards of the Coast;
  • Director of Game Development for TLC Industries;
  • President of Entertaining Games, Inc.; and
  • Vice President of Technology for Real Sports, LLC.

His personal programming assignments have included creating such as TCP/IP networking, car driving, football, and card playing AI’s, OpenGL, custom, RenderWare, Ogre, Power Render, and DirectX 2D and 3D graphics, 3D Studio Max Plug ins and custom streaming audio mixers and equalizers.

Dr. Edward Ganz - Technical Fellow

Dr. Edward Ganz has special expertise in medical - digital imaging and graphics for image-guided surgical procedures. 

Dr. Ganz has a MD from the University of Chicago and has been a member of the neurosurgical faculties of the University of Chicago, Duke University and, most recently, the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, where he was Associate Professor of Neurosurgery.  He has conducted research in positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging as a Research Fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and in stereotactic neurosurgery while a Research Associate at the National Institutes of Health. 

Levi Moore

Levi Moore is TransLumen’s Director of Communications and Government Affairs. He is responsible for public sector business development initiatives and government and media relations. He also monitors relevant federal and state issues that are pertinent to TransLumen’s various market channels.

He also operates PROXY 2.0, a government relations/business communications firm. Previously, he served a Vice-President and Board Secretary for the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce where he was the organization’s primary federal and Chicago metropolitan area lobbyist and spokesperson. He joined the Chamber after serving in Illinois Governor Jim Edgar’s cabinet as the number 2 person at the state’s primary economic development agency, the Department of Commerce and Community Affairs. He has a B.S. in Journalism and post-graduate work in Political Science from Northwestern University.




Technical Inquiries and Product Support: Douglas R. Siefken
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
(312) 944-0169

Sales, Administrative and Investment Inquiries: Carol Sherman
(312) 337 – 8099

Media and Corporate Relations Issues: Levi Moore
Director of
Communications & Government Affairs
(312) 972-0900



175 E. Delaware
Suite #6808
Chicago, IL 60611-1730
Fax (312) 335-9488

A Service Disabled Veteran
Owned Small Business 


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